Top 5 things you'll need/do during Freshers week

Written by: Nick Bamford
Top 5 things you'll need/do during Freshers week

1) Alcohol

Our beloved devil’s holy water... alcohol! Our favourite thing to drink in the UKfor any event never mind Freshers! Alcohol will be everywhere so don’t forget yours. You’ll be getting everyone to either drink a few pints, play beer pongor the absolute classic ring of fire. From coming up with some sort ofconcoction of a drink you’ll be begging your mates to down or sharing your echofalls, you’ll be swimming in it.

2) Freshers Fairs

It’s definitely worth checking out your university’s fresher’s fair. You can expecta range of decent things from, joining a society (most UK universities have atleast 100 societies dedicated to all types of interests) local business offers,job opportunities, companies offering products, as well as local voluntary groups. Plus, If you’re feeling peckish there’s usually free food being served throughout the fair.

3) Explore your new university campus

You may already have visited the university when you were deciding where to apply,but that was a while ago and you probably won’t remember how to find your wayaround. You don't want to be that person that’s late for your first lecture.Navigating the maze of corridors can be one of the biggest challenges of yourfirst week at university, so get to know your surroundings. Explore, whereyou’ll be going for your first lectures, find out where the library is, thegym, and any other important buildings you’ll need to use.

4) Fresher’s events

I twouldn’t be a freshers week without some decent fresher events. Freshers events are a great way to explore your socialite skills, by making new friends and memories. The week has all types of events such as the Moving-in party and the Official Traffic Light event. Be quick to catch these events because theyusually sell out fast! Also, claim your free freshers wristbands, and enjoy allyour fresher’s events at a discount, with free drinks and entry included!

5) Budget

Yes you have received your student loan however, it’s notlimitless remember! How you manage your money at university can have a hugeimpact on your lifestyle and happiness, so it’s important to balance having funwhilst keeping money on your mind. Use your time at university to establish great habits that will set you up for life.

In order to avoid spending all your loan in the first week and starvingyourself, you need to sit down and work out a realistic budget.

The first step is to find out how much money you will have each month.

This includes:

- Your student loan
- Any grants
- Bursaries
- Sponsorships or scholarships you're eligible for
- Money from your parents or relatives

Then calculate your essential outgoings. There are certain things that you willneed to have money in your account for either every week or month.

These are the things you need to budget for carefully so that you can alwaysafford to purchase the essentials. These may be:

- Rent
- Heat
- Electricity/gas
- Water
- Food
- Mobile contract/internet
- Transportation

Finally, work out what is left. If you can afford to spend a little more money,you may want to consider allowing for one or more of the following in yourbudget:

- Meals out
- A night out or two
- New clothing